How to Train Your Dog Alone?

When it comes to dog training, some of the simple acts can produce the best results. Therefore, you should not always rely on a professional dog trainer to give your dog the desired character. You can use some set of rules to teach your dog to be obedient all the time. Here are some of the tips that will help you train your dog the right character.

Do not feed the dog from the plat that you are using to eat. The dog should understand that you are the owner and it should only eat once you have presented food on its plate. Also, you should not allow the dog on your bed or sofa. If the dog sits in your path, you can shove it out gently out of your way using the feet. You need to set boundaries that will teach the dog to obey you as the owner.

Don’t allow the dog to chew on your clothing, shoes, socks, or towel. You can use bitter apple to discourage such unwanted behaviours. It is not advisable to hit your dog because of misbehaving. You can use a collar/leash or the tone of your voice to make corrections and teach.

In case you have a puppy, don’t allow it to chew on your fingers. Otherwise, this will become a habit that will be so hard to break once the dog grows into an adult. You can spray your fingers and hands with bitter apple before allowing the puppy to proceed. It will learn to stop biting your fingers with no association of negative feelings about you as the owner.

Don’t leave a dog that has a lot of energy to go without exercising. You could play a ball before leaving home and once you return to alleviate the pent-up energy of the dog. The mistake that some people make is keeping the dog in the yard alone for several days. Dogs that lack proper socialization become more aggressive towards other dogs and even human beings. A dog that has contact with other dogs and human beings will learn how to behave whenever it is in their presence.

Last but not least, do not allow the dog to jump on your guests. Dogs see this as fun, but it should not extend to visitors. Teach the dog the required behaviour, and you will realize that it will begin to follow them after some time. Like human beings, don’t forget to praise the dog when it obeys your command. These animals have instincts and will tell when you are happy with or mad at their actions.

It is much easier to relate with a dog that knows what to do. The dog will learn to associate with the right command once you praise it for the things that it does well. These tips will help you to establish yourself as the boss to the dog. The dog will respect you, and you will have a head start in training in the right behaviour. It is better for the dog to get it from you that hired trainers.